I survived a bear attack

On Friday, there was an article in the local paper detailing a bear sighting near my office.  The title (which I will not share to protect  paper’s integrity) had me envisioning a rabid bear with a child in its mouth, a funnel cake in one paw and some cotton candy stuck to its fur.

Upon reading the actual article, I see that this is not the case.  Rather, a bear was merely spotted on the eve of a festival, not at the festival.  The bad part? The bear was in the lot next door.  Immediately, I jump to more conclusions…because that’s the diva I am.   Also, because my office is a haven for strange animals.  Another post for another day my friends.

I cautiously step out into the parking lot, where I see many squashed and half eaten apples from the trees in our lot.

Bear Food
Evidence of a Hungry Bear?

After seeing the mashed fruit, I decided the bear was near.  I crept around the front of the office to see if I could get a bear in action shot….and my fear was confirmed!  There was an animal control van! I snapped the photo below quickly.  It is blurry because I was shaking for fear of seeing said bear on the loose.


Blurry....Animal Services Truck

I quickly scurry to the van, where I see a co-worker parked.  I yell where is the bear?  Here is the response:

Van: What bear! (Note the terror in animal service person’s voice)

Me: The bear that was in the lot next door!

Van: When?

Me: Just now!  Look at all these apples! Isn’t that why you are here? Some sort of bear stake out?

Van: No.

Me: Um. Ok.

Van: I’m looking for a missing puppy.

Me: Oh. Ok. Sorry.  Hopefully the two didn’t meet.

Van:   *blink* *blink*

I fled the scene with the following conclusions:

1) I should write for our paper. My stories are way more fun.

2) Animal Control is just as afraid of a bear as me.

3) Puppies are missing.  That’s always a bummer and not a happy way to start my Friday.

4) Due to lack of Animal Control KNOWING about said bear, I fear it is still on the loose.  I think I should post wanted posters.


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