Bold. Meaty.

If we are lucky, we have one person that loves us in spite of our crazy ideas.  And if we are VERY lucky, we have one that loves us because of our crazy ideas.  I have the best partner in crime ever.  She is my tactical support team, regardless of the mission. I will keep her anonymous to preserve our covert missions, and we will refer to her as PIC (partner in crime) from this point forward.

This is a particularly easy mission, but the photo must be shared. I have attempted to hide the face of the non-offending (except maybe those shoes) party.

Me: OMG.  Look at that man!

PIC: What the… OMG. OMG. Really???

Me: I must have this photo.

PIC: We’re going in.  (Loudly) Didn’t you want to check out those reading glasses?  I think purple is your color.

Me: Why yes, yes I did.  This is exactly what I needed. Getting older sucks. (I have perfect vision FYI.)  *SNAP*

PIC: You’re welcome.

Me: I have learned two things today: 1) more people should own three-way mirrors and 2) marketing people are mean.  I have to post this NOW.

PIC: I knew you would.

I guess I'll take your word on it.


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