Beans. Not Baculum.

I live in a place where random food is common.  For instance, I can order a taco at the local food truck with cow tongue or tempeh….or chicken.  So when I see something that makes me take a second look, I become intrigued.

Actual photo sent to me by a friend, no caption. The following is a text conversation.

Magic Beans.

This is an actual bean. No photoshop.

Me: What is that?! It looks like a baculum. (Go ahead and google that if you don’t know what it is.) Did you find that in the yard? (Not out of context if you knew my friend.)

Friend: No. But, it does look like that bone we found last month doesn’t it?

Me: Ok. So what is it?

Friend: It is a bean!

Me: What the hell? Is it molded?

Friend: I don’t think so. I found them at the market under the green ones.

Me: I think it’s molded.

Friend: Call your mom. Send her the picture. She’ll know.

Me: I don’t like sending my mom baculum-esque pictures. She has enough heart trouble as it is.

Friend: bahaha. Just do it. Preface that it is a bean.

Me: Ok.


Mom: What is this?

Me: It’s a bean like I said ma.

Mom: Why did you send it to me? This is not your hand.

Me: No it is my friend. She doesn’t know what it is. She found it in the market under the green beans.

Mom: Ok. It looks molded. But I assume it is not. I have no idea what it is.  Google it.


Me: Dragon’s Tongue

Friend: WTF?

Me: That’s the bean.

Friend: No.  WTF? Where do you get that name? Are you messing with me?

Me: No. I’m the queen of research! It is a Dragon’s Tongue! Google it! I am not sure I have ever seen a dragon’s tongue, but I would like to so that I can compare them.  The purple and yellow color is quite nice.

Friend: You are cool.  I’ll keep an eye out for a Dragon. What am I supposed to do with it?

Me: Eat it.

Friend: Smart ass.

Me: Dry it and use it as decoration.

Friend: I hate you.

Me: Perhaps you could fashion it into a nice hair accessory.

Friend: You suck.

Me: That’s what I’ve heard.

Friend: I love you.

Me: I know.

So here’s the link to what this bean actually is if you wonder:




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