Fur Fights

Actual Text.  Don’t judge, my one reader (or maybe I have two or three now?) 🙂

In reference to the boss:

Friend: Is she back? Sorry. Fighting. Running late.

Me: Sour fur fights. 😦

Friend: Really?

Me: Yes. You know I love you!

Friend: I love you too. I’ll be there soon to help fight the fur.

Me: ?

Friend: I won’t leave a sister behind to clean up da fur.

Me: ???

Friend: Check your texts.

Me: Haha. Ok. I meant sorry for fights.  But now I’m really confused.  What fur fight made sense to you? And why are you going to clean it?

Friend: You know we live in a pussy-filled environment. Fur flies at a moment’s notice there.

Me: Ah! Do you kiss your mama with that mouth?

Friend: Ab-so-fuckin-loutely

Me: Get your ass to work.

Friend: No. Not unless you instigate sour fur fights.

Me: Like that would take much? Give me 5 minutes.

Friend: bahaha.  See you soon.



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