Satan? No, just seitan!

I will try anything once.  Usually, this serves me well….until today.

A coworker brought in some new food called seitan.  Unfamiliar? It is pronounced like satan, or rather that’s how she pronounced.


Satan? Sure tastes evil.

This stuff is called “wheat meat” and is very nutritious.  However, here is what seitan tastes like:

  • Consistency of mashed potato
  • Flavor of pickles and mustard (two things I hate, but in seitan’s defense it was the flavor selected by my coworker)
  • Texture of stringy meat

OH DEAR GOD. When I put it in my mouth, my eyes immediately watered and I began to get the “I’m going to hurl” wet mouth/throat thing.  I did swallow it, however, I have made multiple trips to the restroom to scrub my tongue.

Therefore, I now fully believe that anything pronounced like a demonic figure will taste equally horrific. Angel food cake = good; Seitan= GOD AWFUL.

Moral: I will try anything once, unless it is pronounced like something evil.  Then, all bets are off.  Don’t ask me.  I won’t do it.


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