A case of the Googles?

Another day in the life of my phone.  This was a text conversation with a co-worker.  No, I’m not allowed to speak at the office.  We resort to texting, which is much funnier.

Coworker: WTF you been laughing all day? What’s wrong with you?

Me: hahahahaha lololololol 😛

Co-worker 2 (not on text): I have to leave immediately. My baby has a fever and I have to get him to the doctor.

Coworker (back to texting): Did your mama take you to the dr every time you had a fever?

Me: Clearly not. Actually, I feel feverish now. I’m delirious with googles.

Me: Goggles

Me: DAMN IT TO HELL. GIGGLES.  Now I’m not laughing anymore. 😦

Coworker: I love that you have a case of beer googles and it is only 10am. For christsake share….

Me: Beer googles? Are you making fun of my spelling challenged phone, or did you mean to really say goggles?

Coworker: I would love to claim I was cleaver, but it was a mistake. I did mean goggles.

Me: You are Super Cleaver.  You wield a mighty knife.

Coworker: Shut it.

Me: You love me.

Coworker: Googles are on you tonight.

Me: ?



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