The end of an era.

Sadly, they are tearing down my old dorm. I am very sad.  I had some really great times in there….and some not so great.  Allow me this stroll down memory lane.

  • The Secret Shitter
  • The Crusty Couch
  • Maggots and Easy Cheese
  • Sadie!
  • Bonanza
  • Spit Pizza – aka Zima on a Pizza
  • Whiskey + Cigars + Gramma
  • Night Train
  • Charlie’s Angels, the Shaft, the Tick
  • The pile of tp in front of the door
  • The Winters…..
  • Alyze Please
  • The Night The Lights Went Out
  • Quarantine Days
  • The Fight Night – broken gumball machine and man down!
  • ****Gate.  I can’t type the name.
  • The guy who did acid and jumped off the balcony.
  • “Sucks the Lifeblood” graffiti
  • Flat foot breaks face
  • Dance Party nights
  • Rolly Chair nights
  • Suite Parties
  • The Common Area
  • Proud Mary
  • The Flip-n-…..well you know
  • The poor hermit crabs

Rest in peace sweet dorm of mine.  Thanks for three years of wonderful memories!


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