Beastly Coffee

I drink a lot of coffee. I love it.  Normally I don’t get grounds in my coffee, and if I do, they don’t look like anything.  On this day I was in a particularly beastly mood for reasons too dramatic to share.  I was mad that I had a mouth full of grounds, which I swallowed as best I could.  I looked into my cup.

Behold.  The Coffee Beast.

Coffee Beast

Coffee Beast

I’m taking votes.  We all know from earlier posts that I love hippos and rhinos.  I thought this was fate laughing at me.  What do you think?

Does this look like:

A) A wild boar

B) A charging hippo

C) A rhinoceros

D) I don’t see anything.  I think you are crazy.

More importantly y’all….. what does this mean?


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