UPDATED: Flirty Vaginas

In case you were wondering, oh dearest reader of mine, I did have my Flirty Vagina Party last week.  It was quite a success.  I had the great luxury of hosting a group of ladies that is quickly becoming my family.  I won’t get sappy… but I totally could.

I think we did more laughing and talking than we did watching the DVD series we began…. but it was perfect.   We even toasted to raising our vaginas….. my sister would be so proud.

Here are the things I learned from the evening:

1) I have PIC (who was there!), but now I have to come up with nicknames for the other ladies so that I can write about the adventures I am sure will ensue.

2) Almost all my girls have small feet so we can share shoes!

3) Top shelf cherries rock.

4) Dogs and cats can mingle in peace (mostly).

5) PJs and heels are totally sexy!

6) There is nothing my girl’s won’t support me on….no matter how silly I sound.

7) I have finally met my matches in Apples to Apples.  I no longer wear that crown.

8) I think my friends thought I was kidding….but now they see I really don’t sleep.

9) Nothing makes you laugh harder than a toasting your female anatomy.

10) I am the luckiest girl to have such amazing friends.


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