Insomnia is Evil

If you know me, you know I don’t sleep.  I’m like a vampire – but without the cool mystique, ability to survive without a bag of chips and easy cheese…oh and the whole “never get old” part.  On one of my sleepless nights, I was scrolling through the channels. (God bless movie channels for keeping me off infomercial hell each night.) I came across a movie with an actress I’d actually heard of, so I stopped to watch.  Big mistake.

The story was very basic.  Hollywood A-lister turns D-list and is booted out of Hollywood….only to find herself in the land of what I am pretty sure was West Side Story meets anything Fosse choreographed.  And, it got worse from there.

Here are a couple of shots from my tv (apologies for the lack of quality) to allow you a glimpse into the personal hell of this movie.


West Side Story? No, just a bad movie with predictable choreography.


It was so bad I couldn't turn away.

I’m pretty sure that I must have been asleep and this was a dream I had to remind me why I never sleep:  bad dreams happen to good people.  I actually convinced myself of this until I saw the evidence of my movie (which has a title I can’t remember) in the pictures on my phone.

Now I have the song stuck in my head and I’m shooting Fosse-style dance moves around the office.  No one is happy with me, but I can’t stop it. Really.  I need help.


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