A Serious Case of It.

This post is more of a PSA than a real post.  A warning to anyone out there that actually knows my secret identity and is in my vicinity today.

There comes a point in every day where I decide I will no longer be productive.  I can never be sure when the moment will come, but it inevitably rears it ugly head.  Today, I have hit that wall.  And yes, it is only 10:45am.

Dana Carey had a special on one night where he called it a case of the F#!@-Its.  I have that.  Self diagnosed, but I have it.
Perhaps it is because I loathe what’s on task for the day.  Perhaps it is because I have worked the exact amount I feel I am paid.  Perhaps it is because we have a long weekend coming up….regardless, I have a bonafide case of the f-its.


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