UPDATE: Gangster Squirrels

This morning I posted about how gangster squirrels were bothering me.  After this post, things in the animal kingdom got worse.


Me: What the… what is that?

Squirrel climbing UP MY WINDOW.



Bird flies seriously close to window and sits on sill.


Coworker: What the hell is the matter with you!?

Me: It’s all wild kingdom up in here and I don’t like it.

Coworker comes over to investigate.

At this point there are eight squirrels in the yard, six birds and a couple of things I didn’t recognize….possibly moles?

Coworker goes to window: Wow.  You’re like Snow White or something.

Me: Um….why would you say that.

Coworker: All the animals want to be close to you!

Me: They look like they want to kill me. I’m pretty sure that one has a shiv.  And I don’t want to be Snow White.  I am afraid of the little people and I really hate birds landing near or on me.

Coworker: Really? Cause it looks like the animals just enjoy your company so much they can’t leave.

Me: They have you fooled.

Coworker: Let me know if they produce shivs.

Me: It’ll be too late then.

Coworker: Well then it won’t matter.

Me: True that.

If my tires are slashed, my dear reader….it was the gangster animals that did it.



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