Another Manic Monday

Dear Readers,

This week will be tough for me.  So, for the few of you that read me regularly, this post is for you.  If I do not post for a bit, I have not been taken by a chupacabra, zombies, gangster squirrels or anything of the like.  And if I do post more frequently, those aforementioned ideas are also not applicable, rather I have likely just temporarily lost my mind.

No, nothing quite as exciting or random, I just have a crazy work week in store.  See, we all get breaks. But when your boss is absentminded enough to give more than one person a break simultaneously? Well, that leaves me holding the proverbial bag.  In our busy time.  With a new database.  With a new software system. This means I will be doing the job of 3 this whole week.  Fun right?  Well, it could be.  I guess we will have to see.  I’m fresh into the first hours, and yet here I sit blogging. I’m procrastinating already, which may not be a good sign. I foresee late nights in my future. (Do not give me that look! I do have work ethic!!! I will totally get all my work done.  However, it may…or may not…be between regular 9-5 hours.)

I had a nice, restful weekend to prepare for all of this.  And, I currently have a nice bottle of pinot grigo chilling in the fridge for me upon my return home.  I am sure I’ll have some witty anecdotes that I will begin as drafts and post later on.  Or right then.  Whatever strikes me right.

Until then, the inevitable must happen: work. Wish me luck.  Toast to me if it’s that time wherever you are when you read this. I’ll be doing the same come 6pm….or whenever it is I wrap it up here.



P.S. I realize that it is now Tuesday.  I think this is indicative of the next three days.  Or four.  Or something. I’ve lost count. And, incidentally, I did go home to the welcome arms of the pinot grigio.


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