Svetlana and Lola

I get to see PIC tonight! We are going to sing loudly, eat, drink and laugh like school girls at things that don’t make sense to the rest of the world.  That’s how we roll.

I wasn’t going to share this, but I think it is hysterically funny and I can’t help it.

PIC had a run in with the auto-correct.  Instead of Hurray! Girl’s Night!, it read “Horny! Girl’s Night!” Heretofore, girl night is dubbed Horny Girl’s Night.  Pair that with my own Svetlana issue? To the untrained eye, PIC and I look like oversexed party girls with friends that are worse. To me, it’s just funny.

To the readers who know my cast of characters, and have read most of my posts, this should amuse you. If this is your first read of my blog, my apologies.  I’m not that wild and crazy, but my phone and GPS certainly are.

PIC: Horny Girl’s Night!

Me: Raise your vaginas!

PIC: I can’t wait.  But that crackhead Lola isn’t invited. She craaazzzy.

Me: Lola’s due in rehab. She is shouting “lost satellite reception” a lot these days.  I am beginning to wonder if that is her version of “hell yeah” because she says it at the best times to accent my quirky inner dialogue.

PIC: Lola’s due for 28 days.

Me: But… I do have to bring Svetlana because I can’t quit her.  She is a bitch, but she is my bitch.

PIC: haha Wheat Mush and Rav ride at 5?

Me: Lost. Satellite. Reception. (aka hell yeah!)


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