My Strange Additictions

I was up a little late last night watching that TV show called “My Strange Addictions”.  This show is something that varies from “I sleep with a blow dryer” to “I eat detergent and soap”.  I can’t stop watching this show! It’s like a train wreck…. you can’t turn away but you know you should.  I feel simultaneously horrible for the person going through the addiction, slightly scared that there are people out there with such addictions, happy that I don’t have said addiction…. and then guilty that I feel more normal after watching the show. I get sucked in, and next thing I know I’m three episodes in, cursing my DVR for not fast forwarding through the live commercials because I really want to see what happens next.

Last night I saw a lady who couldn’t go in public without donning a fur suit, which she calls her “fursona”.  I was all, “Hmmm. Well, at least I don’t have that problem.” But then I realized that I shouldn’t get too excited because I have my own odd addictions too.  Granted not fur suit wearing or eating couch cushions (that was the next episode), but addictions nonetheless.

So, in the spirit of my blog’s mission, things I can’t post on social sites, here are my “you may call them strange and I won’t be offended addictions”.  (Disclaimer: Before you comment or judge, remember that this is strictly done in fun.  People with serious addictions should not be trivialized or made fun of – they need help.)

1. Tomatoes.  Seriously, I eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner if given the option.  I love all tomatoes, all varieties.  Tomatoes? Yes please!

2. Sleeping with a fan on.  I think that is a throw back to when I was a kid.  We had one of those big a/c units in my bedroom window that was supposed to cool off the entire house.  I now need noise and something blowing on my to sleep properly…..perhaps this is why I have insomnia so often?

3. Ken’s Northern Italian Light Dressing.  Sad story.  I have drained two bottles in less than two weeks.  I eat it on everything….chicken, turkey, seafood, salads, carrots, celery…. everything.  Except my cereal.  That would just be gross.

4. Litehouse Blueberry Pomegranate dressing.  And….if Ken’s is out or I’m eating fruit, this is the go to dressing.  I drain about a bottle a week while in season.  I hoard it because I can only find it in two local grocery stores.

5. Clementines.  I have eaten a 5lb box in a day.  It keeps me healthy during cold and flu season, so I figure even at $6.99 a box, it’s cheaper than me feeling bad and taking lots of meds.

6. Shoes.  I love shoes like none other.  I buy shoes even if I have no idea what I’ll wear them with.  I have shoes I have never even seen – I’m honestly not sure how they got in my closet.  I think the elves put them there.  That, or I’m sleep shopping.  I can’t be sure.

7. Pinterest website.  Yes, I’m on there by my real name.  I can’t stop checking it.  Recipes? Yes! Cool quotes? Yes! Awesome shoes? Yes! Fantastic DIY ideas that I’ll never try but will pretend that I might? Yes! Waste of an entire day? Yes-yes!

8. Angsty teen drama shows that I’m too old to watch and won’t actually admit to unless caught red handed.  Vampire Diaries? Check.  Pretty Little Liars? Check.  The Secret Circle? Check.  90210? Check (but that’s because I still have big hearts for the original 90210 gang.) Glee? Oh God Yes. Big Check.

9. My DVR.  The thing went on the fritz for two days and you would have thought my world ended and I was living in the third world countryside without access to vital essentials.  I complained so much I got on my own nerves. “WHY can’t I pause live TV?” and  “WHY won’t you record something while I watch something else?” were said more often than I’d like to admit.

10.  All things crunchy.  I just ate an entire bag of celery. When I say bag, I mean that I cut an entire bunch of celery up and put it in a huge bag to nibble on as a snack for the week.  Week? HA! I just ate it all….the whole pack. Why? Was I starving? No… I am addicted to crunchy things.  I can’t stop eating it because I seriously love the way it feels when I bite it.  All things considered, celery is probably the best of my crunchy addictions.  Chips? Oh my… no, I really can’t just eat one.  Pretzels? Pass the bucket.  Apples? I ate two honeycrisps (my absolute favorites) yesterday. Water chestnuts? More please.  I’ll take crunchy over sweet or savory any day, regardless of flavor or lack thereof.  So what does this say about me?  I’m guessing it means I love to achieve things.  Pasta doesn’t require teeth, but crunching surely does.  Perhaps my subconscious gets a mini sense of achievement with each bite….or perhaps it is merely a passive aggressive action.  Whatever it is, I love things that go crunch.  Bring it.

So that’s my top ten.  Feel free to chime in if you have one!



  1. I spent the better part of a decade eating iceburg lettuce. All the time. Bags of the stuff each week. I finally figured out that I had an iron defencency. I am not saying you have an iron defeciency, but due to this little issue I had I can certainly understand that whole crunchy thing. I loved the crunch! Every once in a while I get a little pang of remembrance about the lettuce, but I am not going back down that rabbit hole!

  2. I do not even know the way I ended up here, but I thought this put up used to be great. I don’t recognise who you’re but certainly you are going to a well-known blogger in the event you aren’t already ;). Sorry for bad English Cheers from India!

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