Sometimes All You Can Say is Oh Bless.

My boss is…. let’s just say… special.  She is very a talented artist, but she has absolutely zero fashion sense.  I always view her outfits and giggle a little, then dismiss it.  For example, yesterday she wore a red, woven poncho-style top with jeggings and Crocs.  Really.  Note that she is a little round lady in her late 50s….and she kind of resembles one of those weeble-wobbles from when I was a kid. 

Usually her dress code is not fodder for my blog.  Today, this has changed.  I am trying to snap a picture without her seeing me, but it is proving more difficult than I had hoped.  My last effort was in the kitchen as she was at the sink, but she turned around and said, “You can’t have cell phones unless it’s an emergency.” I thought, “But this is a gotta show my blogosphere friends emergency”….but I don’t think that will fly.  So, allow me to attempt with a verbal picture for now.

The pants are balloon pants, circa 1990s MC Hammer days.  They are teal, they are velvet. These pants have an elastic waist. The pants are shoved inside poo brown, slouch ankle booties.  Her top is a black turtleneck, shoved inside of the teal, velvet MC-Hammer-wouldn’t-even-touch-them pants.  This turtleneck isn’t solid black…..oh no…it has gold threads woven through it.  She looks like a poster child for What Not To Wear.  Where are Clinton and Stacy when I need them!?!

All I can say is bless…. bless her sweet heart.



  1. Good thing this blog in anonymous! But I still had to laugh! How do you even work???? I had a boss type person in a former workplace of mine who was thin and so liked to wear clothes that were a bit too young for her. She had one dress that was so short that I almost shot coffee out my nose when I saw it. Oh so not appropriate for the office!

    • I’m glad I made you laugh! I swear I got no work done yesterday because I was so distracted by her outfit. Today she is wearing semi-normal clothes, although it is stirrup pants and clogs. But at least she isn’t wearing offensive patterns, colors or textures today!

      And oh MY! I hate when people dress too young! I actually have a coworker that does the same. I told a her just last week that micromini skirts, even if you are a 00, are not appropriate at age 38. And, it was in the 40s outside, so that’s doubly inappropriate. You know…the more I think about it, the more I’m certain that my entire office needs a makeover. I think I should devote a blog to my cast of coworkers so you can fully understand and appreciate the insanity. 🙂

      Thanks for reading like always! I hope you are having a great holiday season!

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