Oh! Really? I didn’t know that about you.

Today, I’ve had no less than ten people say, “Oh! Really? I didn’t know that about you.” So, in the spirit of holiday sharing….for you dear readers: random crap you didn’t know about me, but that you might find interesting and can ask me questions about if you want.

  1. I am from a super small town.  And when I say small, I mean we didn’t get a McDonald’s until I was 16.  Wal*Mart didn’t make it until I was in college.  We did have a Hardee’s and a Pizza Hut… but no one really went there because they were “evil franchises”.  Also missing? A movie theater, any shopping and any franchise movie rental store.
  2. The first book that ever made me cry: Kate Chopin’s The Awakening.  I’ve read it a thousand times since, and I cry every time for a different reason.
  3. My favorite holiday movie: A Christmas Story.  Seriously y’all – I can’t stop watching it.  I could watch it, and have, in a loop 24 hours a day during Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. They looked at me as if I had lobsters crawling out of my ears.   Yes Ralphie…. I get that.  They look at me that way too….
  4. I can touch my tongue all the way to my nose.  (And I bet you just tried that didn’t you?:) )
  5. I have punched one thing in my entire life: a clown.
  6. I am the bearer of weird medical problems: Shingles at age 13? Check. Ulcers in high school? Check. Back surgery at age 23? Check. Kidney stones on a regular basis? Sadly, check.
  7. I get motion sick.  I make the Exorcist pea-soup scene look like child’s play.  Because of this, I’ve only ridden a roller coaster once as an adult.  You’re welcome world.
  8. I can’t swim. I’m allergic to chlorine and have a phobia about not being able to see my feet.
  9. I firmly believe in soul mates and love at first sight.
  10. For the first few years of my life, my grandmother would only refer to me as Star, which is a far cry from my actual, common name.  Star is the name she wanted me to have, so by gosh she decided that’s what I’d be called in her presence.  It annoys me to this day when someone calls me that.

So there you have it.  My random top ten.  I’ll happily answer or give further detail on any of this if you all are so inclined.

Happy Almost Friday,



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