I’m Mortified.

Y’all – I completely embarrassed myself.

My phone, Svetlana, hates me.  She sends auto-corrected texts that get me in trouble, eats voicemails and erases texts before I see them.  PIC is usually the recipient of her wrath.  PIC laughs about it and doesn’t judge.  My mortifying moment? Not to PIC.  Rather, it’s a guy I’d rather love to impress.

Note: I’m not sure what name to give this guy, but I have a feeling he’s going to be in the blog more often. Until I come up with a real name for him, we’ll stick with B.

I was working on a work project and mentioned the lack of office equipment I had to do my job.  And then it all went to hell. 

Me: I miss my awesome orifice equipment…

B: What equipment did you have for your orifice?

Me: Idk…a faster printer for one

silence for a moment, then I read what I texted

Me: Oh no! I’m sorry! I meant office!!!  Damn Svetlana!

B: Hahaha. It’s ok, I enjoyed it.

So blogland, B is officially in the “I was attacked by Svetlana” club.  I think I should make t-shirts.  My friends should get something out of the deal right?

Back to work I go…. with shoddy orifice equipment.





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