Blast from the Past

I normally use this space for funny jaunts through my insane life.  Today however, is different.

I was close friends with a group of guys in highschool.  We went to college together, then drifted apart.  I still think of them and the fun times we all had being silly, goofy kids…growing up together. Failed attempts to reconnect lead to years of separation. Now I no longer know anything about these guys, but I still think of them often.

Today, I got a text from one of these guys.  It’s literally been over a decade since we spoke last.  All it said was “Sweetie, I need a favor.”

Turns out his mom is ill and he’ll be staying with me tomorrow night.   But here’s the cool part.  He said that of all his friends, he always knew he could count on me if he needed me.  No matter how much time passed between us, that he always knew I’d be there for him no matter what it was.  It totally made my heart melt.

Some people might see this as a guy who just wants a free room, but I’m not that cynical.  This guy was there for me when I had my heart broken the first time…..and the second time.  He was there when I needed a date to my sorority formal because of that incident.  He was there when I decided I was going to run away with a boy (and he thankfully talked me out of that.)  He was there through pretty much all my firsts and worsts – making me laugh, holding me when I cried and reminding me that life is so much fun if you stop taking it so serious.  When you share all that, how can you not just drop everything and be there?  I asked him that question today.  He said, “Darling. No one ever would but you.”

Is it true? Am I really that good of a friend? I certainly always try to be….

I reflected on our moments together and it made me wistful for my younger days.  Days where all I worried about was whether or not I would get to sit beside my flavor of the moment boy in class; which ballet I would be in and what outfit I would wear to the horribly themed fraternity mixer of the day.

I’ve grown up a lot since those days.  In so many ways they were the best and worst of times. You never realize it until you are on the other side though –  older, stronger….and hopefully a little bit wiser.

Here’s to old friends, new beginnings and the promise of happier days.




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