I’m Pretty Sure The Apocalypse Has Begun

Son of a BLIMP! 

It’s been a supremely weird last 48 hours y’all…and that’s saying something coming from me.  I started thinking about it, and I’m pretty sure the only rational explanation is that the apocalypse has begun.

Point 1: Weird Weather

Yesterday morning? Snow.  Yesterday afternoon? Heat.  Currently? It’s snowing and there are no clouds in the sky. What. The. Hell.  Is that even possible???

Point 2: Weird People Behavior

In 48 hours, pretty much every person I know, myself included, has done something fully out of character.  Some good, some not so good….all surprising.  Not to incriminate, but here is what I’m talking about:

  • Random hook up with a stranger 10 years younger? Check.
  • Going from Absolute Romeo to Absolute Asshole? Check.
  • Reeling in your diva for the very first time? Check.
  • Dancing on a bar top….as a grown-ass adult? Check.
  • Random people in your way way past back to hurt you? Check.
  • Finding out your commitment-phobe ex is engaged? Check.
  • Vegetarian turned carnivore? Check.

Maybe I just have weird friends….maybe it is a full moon?

Point 3: Weird Animals

Yesterday, my desk was infested with ladybugs.  Today, they are all gone.  No sign of them anywhere. Sent in their place? Super annoying tee-tiny ants.  I feel them crawling all over me even though I know they aren’t. I look like an itchy crackhead.  Even the crack-haired one from my office is looking at me funny.

My large gangster squirrels are back, as are the crows and some big-ass fly creatures. Seriously freaky.  It is all wild kingdom up in here…. and I swear to you there is no food at my desk.  The other question is why MY desk.  Why do I seem to attract everything but men and money?

Thank God tonight is PIC Night.  It has been a crazy week…. and if the world is indeed ending, I can think of no one else I’d like to spend it with than PIC.  Bring on the wine, the karaoke and the wiggle dance….cause we are Sexy and We Know It.

Cheers and Happy Friday 🙂


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