It Is Totally Worth It

I am probably going to get fired.  And you know what….it will totally be worth it.  I’m going to need your help though.

My boss is, shall we just say, special.  This week’s conversations have been to add an entirely new job onto my plate; tell me I need to plan on being oncall 24/7 for two months in the immediate future; then to inform me that I would not be getting a raise….nor added time off…and that I should help out Beast because, she’s overwhelmed.

A little vein exploded in my head and all I could think was OVERWHELMED?!!  MY ASS.  Since when does online shopping constitute overwhelmed? Perks of being the boss’ kid….I’M OUT!!!!

Have you seen the movie Gaslight?  Well.  If you haven’t, check this out: click here to read up on the movie Gaslight.  I’m twisted, I know.

Here’s the part where I’m pretty sure I’m at the very least going to hell over, if I’m not fired.  My boss has lost her husband.  I wish I could tell you he was a lovely man.  I wish I could tell you we all miss him.  This is not the case.  In a post to come in the future, perhaps I can share the terrible things that he did to me which included:

  1. throwing a muffin at my head
  2. leaving me stranded at a Kinko’s
  3. making a poor kid AT said Kinko’s wet his pants.  Seriously y’all.
  4. telling me I was illiterate and incompetent
  5. telling me he didn’t know why I was put on this earth because all I did was suck it dry

Yes.  As you can see, he’s a charmer.  Was.  Rest his soul.

So.  My boss has it in her head that she can communicate with him.  She has decided that they were connected on a spiritual plane in past lives, and will connect again.  Indeed, they communicate via telepath or some such person each month.  Everyone, all the upper staff included, think she’s bat-shit-bananas.  And…I’m totally going to exploit this.

I want to Gaslight her.  She’s either going to think she is crazy, or that she’s right and her dead husband CAN communicate with her….and then who knows.  At the least, I’m entertained and looking for a new job.  At best, she’s happier because she is reconnecting with her dead husband and PERHAPS I’ll get a raise because the powers that be have deemed I need to step in.

So….what do I do? I have no idea, but I know I have to shake it up here or go crazy.  Thank God it’s a PIC night.  I am sure we will plot.  And drink.  The best ideas come out of a wine slushie right?



  1. Wow, this is craziness! Can’t believe they would make you do all that work, no decent compensation – not ok! I’m seriously angry for you. I’m all for the Gaslighting – and please tell us about the inevitable entertainment that will no-doubt ensue. And maybe it’ll set you up for finding a job you enjoy! Win-win, yes? 🙂 And hope the weekend is without call ins and such for you!

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