Blame the Meds

PIC and I had the plague at the same time. I’ve been relegated to the couch for the most part, and my cough medicine makes me hallucinate.  Well, that or there really is a bird that flew through my house.  I guess that is possible….perhaps it was the ghost of Feathers.  Fly free brotha.  Fly free.

This made me think about some past funny moments on medication. Today I feel lead to share one of my college debacles.  Enjoy. 🙂

Pain Pills and Tigers.

As a ballet dancer, college cheerleader and delightfully clumsy sorority girl, I stayed injured.  This meant I had to take pain pills at times.  Pain pills and me? We don’t mix well.  Or, rather we DO mix well if you are a bystander.  Hand to God, I don’t drink with them, but you’d never guess that.  Seems they bring out my inner bimbo, then they knock me out cold.  My college roommates?  They totally took advantage of my condition on pain pills, recording every last second and holding it over my head for years…hell, they still do.  Side note: yes, they made fun, but they never ever let me get into a situation that was wholly immoral or scary.

This night, after I passed out, my roommate noticed I was smiling in my sleep.

Roomie: What are you dreamin about sweet girl?

Me: sit straight up in the bed

Roomie: Hey.  What are you doing??!?  Lay down!!!

Me: curl my hand up like a paw and strike a pose with my shoulder leaning in, my head turned coyly over my shoulder

Roomie: The hell??

Me: Roar! as I, to the delight of my roomie, slyly paw at the air.

Me: Roar! Roar!  more pawing, then I make a kissy face

Roomie falls off the loft she is laughing so hard.  Then I lay back down and am out.

This is why you’ll see my old roomies randomly paw at the air in front of me.  It’s mortifying.  I don’t know what I was dreaming about, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t say even if I did.

So if you ever see a random chick pretending to be a sexy tiger….it’s probably me.  Or my old roomies.  Either way, I’ll be mortified you know the back story….so please ignore me.




  1. That’s got to be the best med-high story I’ve heard! I got tipsy on Nyquil when I was 15 and battling a horrible cold – my aunt had never seen me giggle so much, but that’s about all I’ve got. Do we get to hear more of these awesome college/medication stories at a later date?

    • HAHA! Yes…it is a good one. I’m glad you liked it. 🙂 Ah bless… giggling on Nyquil actually sounds like a cute story!!

      And, cause I like you so much, absolutely! I will prepare more mortifying college stories just for you. Some from meds, some just because I am the most oh-my-god-that-so-didn’t-just-happen person and random follows me.

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