All that Glitters isn’t……Gold.

PIC and I hung out over the weekend.  Here, she imparted wisdom that I had to share.  To appreciate the conversation, here’s a back story if you didn’t already know.

Y’all know I’m a girly girl.  I love anything sparkly.  Y’all also know, maybe?, that I typically date really pretty boys.  Assholes, but really pretty to look at boys.


Me: I don’t know what’s up with *insert boy name here*….I really like him a lot.

PIC: I know you do sweetie.  I wanted to like him too.

Me: Yeah…maybe he’ll come around.

PIC: Or he’s just dipped in glitter.

Me: Huh?

PIC: Sweetie.  Sometimes, especially for you, they are just shit dipped in glitter.

Me: Holy crap…. you are so right!!!

PIC:  You get distracted by glittery things.  It’s ok.. but that’s why if I say ‘it’s dipped in glitter’, you better run.  It’ll be our code.

Me: All that glitters is not gold!  I totally get that now….

PIC: I know you love sparkly things honey, but we gotta find you something that’s sparkly all the way through, not just the outside shell.

Me: Heard.  I really thought he was different though.

PIC: Verdict is still out, but it’s possible he’s just dunked in glitter.

Me: *sighs*  Lots of glitter.

PIC: *shakes her head*  Drink your wine.



  1. This is awesome. And totally hilarious! It’ll stick with me for sure. 🙂 Glad you ladies had some hang out time this weekend! And here’s hoping for some guy who glitters all the way through for you! I’m back to the dating game myself so we can pull for each other. XX

    • oh no! i’m sorry you are in search of a glitter all the way through boy as well! we’ll totally have each others back on this…. oh the stories. though this is an anonymous blog, i find there are still some things still too jaw dropping to write about. a decade later, dating has certainly changed…. i am glad you had a great easter sweetie. those pics were SO pretty!!! take care and have a great day!

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