To the sweet people in my blog world that have been asking:

My nephew, Sprout,  is perfect.  He’s still small, but he’s a fighter.  Literally, he’s less than a Kleenex box in length and still under 4 lbs.

He gets lost in blankets…or maybe I suck at swaddling…and that cute blue and pink stripe hat that they give the babies? It is totally a head hat on Sprout. It covers him all the way down past his shoulders when it is on all the way. He looks like a bank robber, but he’s adorable.  I’d give him all my money….hell – I probably will.

Sprout tolerates me, which is cool. He lets me pull his hat totally over his head because I think it’s so cute and that’s how I can tell if he is growing… and doesn’t even peep.  He lets me hold his hand and kiss his sweet baby head. What he does really like? Me singing…God knows why…Sexy and I Know It.  It’s amazing what tunes come to your head at 4am while trying to soothe the newborn. He smiles and grins, waves his arms.  I think he’s attempting the wiggle dance.  Mom says it’s gas.  I say I don’t care because it’s FREAKING ADORABLE.  Flatulate away Sprout.

Thus far have a rule.  I’ll change your diaper until you pee on me.  When that happens, we are done. So far?  So good.  I’m the only one that hasn’t been sprayed.  Sprout.  He gets me. I’m going to spoil him rotten….and teach him the wiggle dance.

My sis is not as well, but she’s a fighter too.  I know she’s sick because she doesn’t mind me singing LMFAO to her newborn. Bless her heart.

Love to you all and thanks for the happy thoughts and kind words!!!




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