I’m swamped at work, but here’s a quicky from PIC and I.  Remember the glitter story?  If not, read it.  You’ll appreciate this much more after.  Go ahead…. you know you want to.

Ok.  Hope you laughed at remembering that post and/or reading it.  And now, enjoy!


Me: I’m so tired of this BS!!!  He’s not even good enough to be glittery!!  He’s like… hell… I don’t know… sequins.

PIC: I’m sorry honey.  Sequins suck.

Me: No! Not even sequins.  Confetti. Damn paper confetti that gets everywhere and you can’t get it off of you. You think it’s gone, then you turn around and you find it again.

PIC: No-no-no.  You don’t DO confetti.

Me: And that’s blog of the day.  I don’t DO confetti.


And so it is.




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