Great Comeback

Short post because I’m swamped.  But this just happened and I’m about to cry from laughter.  You have to remember that my mom still thinks I’m virginal and has told me such as recent as two weeks ago.  She is honest and true, so sweet and innocent herself that she has no idea that ship left town oh…..what 17 years ago? If it was anyone but her, I’d have a hard time believing it.  PIC can attest.  She’s like Ms. Claus, but sweeter.

Anyway, here is what happened.

Me: AHHHH.  PLEASE stop calling me at work with the same question. I told you already and that hasn’t changed.  I love you.  Bye.  click

Coworker: What’s she bitching about?

Me: Bless.  She doesn’t want to pay closing costs on a timeshare she is selling.  She’s not listening to me when I tell her the seller will cover it if you stipulate they must.

Coworker: And she doesn’t believe you why?

Me: I don’t know. Not like I have attended no less than 50 closings and FUNDED them in the last couple years.

Coworker: She forgets things….. and when did you get a timeshare?

Me: Oh you’ll love this.  She got it “because I thought  you were having a kid with Paul.  And I wanted to impress the grandkid, but you didn’t.  So now I have no use for it.”

Coworker: Aw.  But did you tell her you were practicing really hard?

Me: laughing so hard I almost peed.

God bless you Coworker.



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