Generation Gap

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being on BOTH sides of the generation gap.

Side 1:

I was grabbing breakfast in a healthy fast-foodery, and a local radio station was playing.  The very young sounding intern was filling in for the typical morning DJ’s entertainment report.  She said something like this “Justin Bieber is in Norway now after the alleged assault with a paparazzi. His latest tweet says “Ok. going to board. OFF TO EUROPE! Phase one of operation secret concerts! lol. Oslo first stop.”

The intern, bless her heart, reads the last part as O-S-L-O  and says, “I don’t know what O-S-L-O is.”

Her also young co-host: Yea, I don’t know what O-S-L-O is either.

Intern: I thought I was all up on text lingo, but I guess not.

Co-host: Yeah I have no clue what that could stand for.  Maybe it’s a typo.

Co-host’s kid brother: Probably.

Me: Oslo??? As in CAPITAL, and most populated city, OF NORWAY. For reals??

Cashier: Yeah….that’s pretty bad.

Me: Collectively, they are average age what….25?  And at 25 they still don’t know Oslo is a city?  Use context clues people!

Co-host: Oh thank you! We just found out that it’s Oslo, not O-S-L-O. It’s apparently the capital of Norway. I’ve never been to Norway, so I don’t know anything about it.

Intern: Yeah me either. That’s weird. Anyway…..

Me: I think my IQ dropped 100 points.  I can never listen to this station again.

Cashier: They make me.  big frown

Now here’s the kicker you guys.  The co-host?  I kinda dated him.  Well, mostly it wasn’t dating it was other activities during several of the  thousand breaks from my former dipshit.  The guy was normal.  He could hold a good conversation, he has a college education….. I hope that he was just trying not to make the intern feel bad.  But, he’s kind of cocky, so I can’t see that as a reasonable answer.  This leaves me with these logical conclusions: he’s young, can’t be bothered with things that don’t directly pertain to him and apparently failed world geo in school.  I immediately decided I would keep it a secret that we hung out from this point on.  My street cred as a smarty pants girl would be ruined!

Side 2:

You can’t make this shit up…. Sad but true.  This is why I need xanax and wine.

Member: WHY did YOU invent the internet?

Me: Pardon?

Member: It’s the downfall of society and the reason no one has good penmanship, manners and I SHALL NOT use it.

Me: I didn’t invent the internet ma’am.

Member: Well, can you please tell the people that did to take it down?

Me: That’s not how it works.

Member: I’m going to tell my congressman about you.  YOU should be ashamed for inventing this internet thing.  It’s awful!

Me: Ma’am.  I’m going to have to stop you right there.  I did not invent the internet.  I wish I did.  I’d be a whole lot richer….

Member: What was your name again?

Me: tell her my name

Member: I am still writing my congressman about you!

Me: Is there anything I can assist you with today?

Member: That’s all.

Me: Great.

I hung up and thought wow.  She’s old and senile.  I hope I am not that way when I’m her age…..  Then, I replayed the morning’s Oslo story.  I realized I didn’t want to be that young and stupid, or that old and senile.  So, perhaps, thirty-something is the perfect age?  Old enough to know better, young enough to be savvy….Old enough to get in to trouble, young enough to know how to get out of it…. Old enough to be wise, young enough to still be carded.

Cheers to thirty-something.  It’s my birthday month gang.  Let’s celebrate every day of it. 🙂



  1. Oh so funny! I have one for you. My M-in-law, although just 77, has never had a computer and has only a vague notion of how the internet works. For years her husband had a business next door to their house and they only had one phone number under the business name. That business has been long gone but she never changed the number from a business number to a personal number. Every year she pays all kinds of money to have her phone number listed as a business number. We have tried to explain…but with no luck. So, one day she calls and wants to know how to get the no longer in business comapny “off the internet.” It seems she keeps getting calls for the busness and when she asked one salesman where he got the number he said it was on the internet. We tried to expalin that once it is one the internet it is virtually impossible to get it off, but taking it out of the phone book would be a giant step forward…. Still no luck!

  2. Oslo? Really? That’s bad! I’m 25 and I’d really hope better for my fellow Gen Y folks. Gees….
    And if the internet was your invention I really don’t see you having to answer those kinds of call, EVER. Hilarious! How do these things happen?! 🙂

    • My dear, you are a rare gem. 🙂 You are smart, savvy, sophisticated. Sadly, most of the folks in my town that are your age are NOT. It’s sad. I thought I was at 25? But maybe not? I’ll have to ask PIC. She knew me way back when. She’s younger than me too- but is so wise and amazing.

      Ha! Right!?! Clearly if I DID invent the internet, I’d have a receptionist. 🙂 hahahahaha Hope you are well my friend! 🙂

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