I Finally Did It

Today’s post is nothing short of a miracle.  Long time readers know I work with a group of sweet, well intentioned…..but bat shit crazy people.

After four years in a dead end job and a dozen “maybe next times”, I FINALLY got an offer for a new “big girl” job today!  This job will be better is every way except drive time, which isn’t really bad at all.  What an amazing birthday gift!!!!

My problem?  I have my one big every three year event coming up….next month.  To jump ship now is a big f-you to my boss.  And I hate that.  But, this job is my dream job.  And it pays me double what I make now.  And….best part?  I work with someone I’ve mentioned in the blog before, but I’m not sure will let me say who.  So…. I work with at least one fantastic person.

How have you resigned from jobs in the past?  How did it go?  Any advice?  Since this is such a fragile time at the office…. I’m really nervous!

Love to you all,




  1. It won’t be pretty. No matter how much notice you give them they are going to work you like a dog the whole time to get as much out of you as they can before you go. However, that being said, if you want to be nice, can you give them more than 2 weeks notice? Also, you could prepare something ahead of time that lays out what still needs to be done and what you can get done before you go to present at the time you give notice. Good luck!

    • You are so good!!! Ok – that’s a good idea. I was going to spring it on them Monday morning, so that’ll give me time to prep all that stuff tomorrow. And the new job actually asked for 1 week notice and I said no…. I have to do at least 2. Any other time of the year, I would not worry. But, this being our busiest time, I feel guilty and that I’m leaving my boss over a barrel. Alas…. The reason they want me so fast is that the lady is leaving end of July, and they want me to train with her long as possible. Which I get because DANG this job is intense. Totally in a good way though! I hope this is the turn I needed in the right direction. Fresh start. The only jobs I resigned from just said leave immediately, or you can’t quit…I fire you! I worked for a-holes. I’m not a good “let you down” person, so I have to work on that. Anyway – thank you SO much for the advice darling!!!! And, thank you also for the congrats! 🙂

  2. Gah!!! I’m so excited for you, Sweets! It’s going to be amazing! And I’m with Woman in the Middle on giving your notice – trying to be helpful about it will lessen the blow.

    So so so happy for you! Happy Birthday, indeed!

    • Thank you darlin!!!!! IT IS going to be amazing. Today, my boss sang happy birthday to me twice, gave me a rose and a cupcake… I feel really guilty for having to tell her all this on Monday. And…. no one but the two of us will be here Monday, which means I might get yelled at. 😦 But…. c’est la vie! I’ll let you guys know how it goes Monday. Wish me luck… off to celebrate the b-day now. CHEERS!!!!

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