I’m Not Sure How I Feel About That

So, for giggles, I looked in the WordPress stats to see what people are searching for when they find my blog.  Some, I expected.  Some…. I have no idea what the hell they mean and/or am embarrassed that my keywords somehow fit this search.  Thank GOD this blog is anonymous.  Here are the highlights.

  • weird people facebook

Ok. I talk about weird people a lot on this site.  I work with them, live with them, see them all the time.  I’m ok with this one.

  •  flirty auto correct

Svetlana’s auto corrects are far from flirty, except the time she referenced orifices.

  • gangster things to put on facebook

I have to bray-laugh at this.  Gangster Squirrels rule the world.  Oh no?  You doubt me?  Read here.  HereAnd here.  But, while I respect people Google it, I’m not sure what self respecting gangster, be he/she of the squirrel persuasion or otherwise, actually HAVE to look up things to be gangster.  Indeed, I would argue that you can’t BE gangster unless you already know the things to say. You think Tupac Shakur (RIP buddy) or Snoop Dogg ever Googled how to talk gangster or cool gangster lingo?  Nay!!!  Sad days you wannabe gangsters.

  • ho ho and ding dong on neighbor’s porch

and the equally awesome

  • red woven poncho

Really!?!  I’m not sure where those even came from.  What in God’s name?

  •  flirty vaguna

That’s probably because I have a post that includes a bad autocorrect from Svetlana.  Hey…maybe she DOES send flirty texts?  But come on now.  It’s not a lagoon…..use your spell check.

  • men peeing unnoticd

Alright.  Gross.  Is this because I referenced ONE TIME that homeless people pee outside my office window?  Please, persons that found my blog using that phrase, please don’t read this blog.  It creeps me out….and again, use your spell check.

  • wine slush

Yeay!  PIC and I do this a lot.  So… yeah.  I get this one too.

  • Is Clint Eastwood Dead?

Um….. I suppose that’s from the Izzy post I did.  But the answer is no…..in case you wanted to know.

  • classy woman

Ok.  I’ll admit it.  I’m flattered.  However, not really sure how that search term led to me.

  • God Help that Child

Well, yes.  But…. how did this happen upon me?

  • teen funk

This one is classic.  I did have an outing with PIC that involved the stench of teens. 

  • sister is in labor what to do

I can tell you what NOT to say and do…. but I’m not the blog to check on this topic.

  • jailbird celebrations

Do you know how the caged bird celebrates?  This is an oxymoron if you ask me.  But you didn’t…. so there.  That’s my unwarranted opinion.

  • what does it mean when you say “i blew that out the window”

Yep.  That exact phrase.  With quotes.  Did I ever post something on that? I am using the context clues here, but, who does use that phrase?  Out of the water? Sure. Out the window? Not so much.

So dear readers, if you have a blog, I encourage you to have a drink and check your stats.  Hilarity is bound to ensue.  Cheers my lovelies!



  1. Haha, I LOVE looking at Search Terms. So much that I started my Ask The Google Bitch column, haha. I get lots of weird shit about pantyhose. People apparently are MAKING people wear pantyhose. Way too many people are doing twisted stuff. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s downright scary. Oh, and people peeing in someone’s mouth. Go figure.

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