Y’all Know I Love Sparkles

As my readers know, I love things that glitter and sparkle.  (So much so that PIC has to warn me on occasion.) So,  being awarded The Sparkly Award is pretty much amazing. 🙂  Thank you She Can’t Be Serious!   If you haven’t read her blog, please check her out.  She’s funny and feisty and I’m sure you’ll love her like I do!

The rules:

  • Answer the questions below.
  • Thank the person who gave it to you  Thank you She Can’t Be Serious!
  • Link back to that person and pass it along to as many peeps as you want.

Describe yourself in 7 words:  

  1. Optimist – come on folks.  I see glitter when it’s really just poop.  That’s an optimist.
  2. Genteel – I’m a debutante in the south….
  3. Happy – I just landed my dream job, and I finally fill fulfilled
  4. Stylish – I love fashion, stilettos, purses and makeup.  I never leave home un-kempt.  Maybe that’s part of being a debutante? 
  5. Kind – I believe you reap what you sow.  Karma is a bitch, so be nice y’all.
  6. Effervescent – I believe a woman’s best accessory is her smile.  And I always believe that if you smile and act happy, eventually you’ll feel better.  And…. it makes more wrinkles when you are sad and frowny…..so let’s just not, look fab as we age and be happy!  
  7. Wise –  I am a kind person, but I’ve also been around the block a few times.  I know when kind becomes doormat.  I know when my kindness won’t be returned.  I know  when to say no.  I know when it’s ok to walk away and when to dig in my heels and try harder….. I know how to fight fair.  I also know I’ve more to learn and I try to do so daily…..Oh.  And I know how to get a stain out of just about anything.

What keeps you up at  night?  

  • My brain runs 24-7, so pick a topic, any topic….and that’s probably right.  Last night I was worried about PIC.  She’s sick and I want her to be better soon.  I miss my bestie!!! 😦

Whom would you like to be?  

  • Finally, I can say this with truth:  me.  I love who I am and what I have become.  I’m finally comfortable in my own skin.  Although…..me with say a billion dollars, great health, and a hot husband who worships the ground I walk on?  I think I could be ok with that too. 

What are you wearing right now?  

  • A cute little Ralph Lauren dress and some sassy red shoes….. and pearls.  Almost always pearls.

What scares you?  

  • Clowns.  I hate them.  If you don’t recall that, read here.

What are the best and worst things about blogging? 

  •  The best thing?  Honestly?  Feeling like I have a whole new set of friends out there that actually know the real me (even if this blog is anonymous) and are here to listen.  The worst?  Writing a post, then realizing I have to take it down because it’s TMI…after you all have liked it and/or commented and seen it.  Thank GOD this blog is anonymous.

If I could change one thing about myself, what would it be?

  •  I am finally happy with me being me, but I suppose I’d change my marital status.  I want to be a happy wife and mom.  I can finally support that financially and emotionally.

Slankets, yes or no?  

  • Did you really ask me that.  Seriously?  Let’s go with no.  If you are too lazy to put on a sweater and/or use a blanket…you should probably just go all out and live off Cheetos and wear nothing but Crocs….with socks.  I’m so anti-slanket that I would start a campaign to stop making them.   Perhaps we can create a pyre where all slanket owners can come, without judgement, and let them burn rest in peace.  It’s not even a Snuggy.  It’s a knock off Snuggy.  Come on people…. let’s not encourage them. 

Tell us something about the person who nominated you. 

  •  She’s is one of the first blogs that I followed….and one of my first regular readers and commenters, so she’s special to me. 🙂  She is sassy, witty, funny and awesome.  

Love to you all bloggies!




    • Thanks lady!!! This was the first award that didn’t say how you award others…. so I’m not sure how that works. Because you, dearest, totally sparkle so you need this award too!! Yes – pearls and diamonds. Not only were they my sorority “thing”, they are my always go to faves. You and I – Audrey Hepburns in a world full of well….. you can fill in that blank. 🙂

      Ah yes stilettos! This is why I need a man that’s at least 6 feet….or doesn’t mind me being taller. 🙂

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