That’s How You Know

I have a slight case of plague, so this is going to be super short.

PIC, my ever best bestie, brought me a pasta salad today that I adore.  It almost brought a tear to my eyes.  Why?  Because not only did she bring me the only pasta salad that might tempt my palate…. but she went through and picked out all the olives for me.

That’s how you know she’s your bestie.  She picks out the olives for me because she knows the site of them makes me hurl….even on days where I am not likely to hurl.  I didn’t have to ask.  I didn’t even have to say a word.  She knew.  She acted.  SHE ROCKS.

I love PIC.

I’ll rest up and will write more soon.  Off to the land of plague,




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