I Told You I Needed To Leave…

I just got a new kitten.  Sad story not meant for this blog, but all will be fine.

This little kitten is 1.5 pounds of fur, furious energy and extreme vocal cords.   This tiny ball of terror has a way of working her way into my heart in the most unexpected ways.

I live an hour from work.  I decided to get a vet close to where I work so that I can be there for her in a moment’s notice.  Baby’s first vet visit appointment was here.  This meant I had two options.  1) Leave early and take her home or 2) Pick her up and bring her to work with me.  When I asked my boss (more on him in future posts), he picked #2.

Little baby was perfect.  Here she is sleeping quietly… which she did for most of the afternoon.  Eventually though, I had to go to the restroom.  This means disturbing lil bit from her slumber.  I snuggle her up…. put her on the little soft mat from her kennel…. and quietly sneak off to the bathroom.


Awwww…. the cuteness…


About halfway down the hall on my way back, I hear the roaring sound of a kitten that is royally pissed off.  Being a new mom, I ran fast as lightening to rescue my baby from what I was certain was the clutches of evil!

I get to my office and find this:



One pissed off kitten.


She simply was not having any of it.  At this point it’s 5:30 and I realize that it’s time to go.  Her vocal olympics are not getting quieter, plus it’s just time to go. I put her back in the kennel and pack up her toys and food… grab my coat…. turn around to handle the litter box and boom.  In walks the boss.  Hey… you got a minute?  Now, to the normal person, would you not see that I am trying to leave and take that as a sign that unless it was an urgent matter, it can wait?  Not him.

Me: looking at him with a quizzical expression

Boss: Were you leaving?

Me: Yes?

Boss: So how’s the kitten?


Me: Ready to go home.

Boss: I don’t feel like I’ve seen you all day – how was your day?

Me: It was good thanks.

Boss: sits down

Me: Stands there, kitten in tow.

Boss: Sit down!  Let’s catch up.

Me: unfurls kitten from her kennel, she runs around my office and straight up my bosses leg.  Kitten razor nails all strong.

Boss: oh! What a cutie you are!

Me: Yes…. so what’s up?

Boss: blah blah blah (work stuff that was not important but I can’t say here)

Me: Yes.

Boss: blah blah blah (work stuff that was not important but I can’t say here)

Me: Ok but I can do that tomorrow right?

Boss: Well, yes, but…

Kitten: goes over to her litter box (which was right by my boss’ foot) and poops.  Then, she flings litter back at him, jumps out of the box…. looks him and roars her mighty MEOWWWWW!

Me: recoil at the smell

Boss: recoil at the smell

Me: See.  I told you we needed to go.

Kitten: walks into her kennel and looks at me with a twinkle in her little blue eyes.

Me: (after boss leaves) Mommy is so proud of you! Poop on him any time.  Here’s a treat.




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